Switchboard Shop is a neighborhood marketplace. Our mission is to increase access to hyperlocal goods, services, and resources.

Hyperlocal refers to information that can’t be found easily online or offline — whether that’s through search engines, on the most popular social networks, at the library, or on a bulletin board.

Most small business owners- from cottage food producers to artisans-do not have the time, inventory, or financial resources to set up independent digital stores.

Their most immediate alternatives are to use social media platforms or POS systems like Square or Shopify. However, these exclude a range of customers, and can be costly and resource-intensive to implement.

This gap creates an absence of local vendors, outside of physical gathering spaces like farmers markets.

With Switchboard Shop, community members gain access to local vendors. For small business-owners, Switchboard Shop functions as a platform to manage your growing enterprise efficiently and cost-effectively.

So far we have received support from various community members and organisations, including:


“Once I started operating as a cottage food producer, I realized that I needed a way to reach my neighbors in a more authentic and meaningful way. I developed Switchboard Shop as a tool to do just that- to allow me and other local vendors to market our goods, build connections, and foster a thriving community.”, F